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Korean Language in Jeju

Korean Language Class in Jeju

Our program's featured Korean one-day class to become the main character of the drama at the filming location of Jeju K-drama, and Korean class tailored to small tour groups. Korean culture experience class, 1:1 Korean experience with Koreans, homestay at Korean families.

Meet Korean Language
at Jeju island

The world's most scientific and practical alphabets, Hangul and Korean.  Jeju is the best place to learn Korean. Jeju, which achieved all three natural sciences designated by UNESCO at the same time through the certification of the biosphere reserve area in 2002, the World Heritage Site in 2007, and the World Geopark in 2010, has all themes (island, volcano, waterfall, beach, national park, cave and forest). Jeju, which has also been the background of numerous Korean dramas and movies, is also the center of K-Culture.


The Planet Jeju's Korean language class is not just a regular course, but also Korean culture learning. It operates a variety of experience programs that combine Jeju's natural scenery. It focuses on acquiring Korean language through mid- to short-term Korean classes, customized classes, and meetings with Koreans.

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Program Leaders


Sangheon Lee

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Language camp leader

A degree in Korean for foreigners.

Korean language teacher certificate for foreigners.

​France KEDGE Graduate School of Business.MBA

​English, Chinese, Korean.

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Jihye Yang

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Regular Korean course leader.
Korean language teacher certificate for foreigners
5 years of experience as a Korean teacher.
English, Korean.


Sangyun Lee

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The leader of the Korean culture experience class.
Graduated from Yokohama National University in Japan.
English, Japanese, Korean.

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