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Girl Painting in Art Class

Frequently Asked Questions

I will answer your questions


Can my child not speak English well?

This program is not designed to teach English, but to feel the author's vision and philosophy of teaching in English. Therefore, if you do not speak English at all, you will not be able to participate.  Basic English or  Intermediate English level is required, so please check the class information.

Can parents participate together?

This is possible by paying the participation fee. Experiences with parents can motivate children  It has a positive impact and leaves beautiful memories.  However, the use of Korean during the class is strictly restricted, so please be considerate of your child.

Can only adults participate?

Because there is a lot of need for participation by adults, we have created a separate class time for adults only. 
Classes for adults are also possible if you apply in a group of 3 or more.

From what age can you participate?

Basically, it is based on elementary school one year or more.  Depending on the class, middle school and high school students can also participate. Please check each class information for exact details.

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